About Us

Designer Scents has partnered with strong companies based in Europe to deliver quality fragrances.

Our main focus is commercial fragrances with a growing range of oriental types. Samples are throughly evaluated and tested to meet customer demands before including them in our product range. We keep up with changing market trends so that our customers can consequently evolve. Supplying a large group of consumers since 2009 with South African cities, Our customer reach extends to outside the borders of South Africa, having a presence in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. We facilitate the logistics process for customers using our courier service ensuring it is a smooth process. (pick of courier etc) Since inception of the business we have been very passionate about empowering entrepreneurship. Building businesses and creating opportunity in a volatile economy. We have been succesfull in creating an opportunity for budding enthusiasts that have created fully fledged businesses. We offer full training and support to help you grow your business.